Loans without BIK is a product that almost anyone interested in an online loan is looking for. This is not surprising, because the data stored by the Credit Information Bureau can sometimes prevent us from taking payday pay. Fortunately, there is a group of lenders who do not reach this register, thanks to which people with unflattering entries in BIK have the chance to get the cash they want.

The Credit Information Bureau stores data on both our current financial obligations and those that we had in mind in the past. What’s more, BIK also has information about whether we have all our debts paid on time. This means that the lender who approaches this register with a question about us will learn not only how our financial obligations look like, but also whether we pay bills on time. Thanks to this, he will be able to assess whether we are reliable customers.

We can also check what information we get to BIK. All you have to do is set up an account in this registry and download a report about us.

People whose history in BIK is not good are often afraid that the lender will refuse them payday pay. Indeed, as a rule, a bad history at the Credit Information Bureau is one of the main reasons for rejecting loan applications. However, there are lenders in the online loan market who reach out to people registered in BIK. Meet the companies where you borrow money regardless of the history in this register!


BIK – who does not check it?

credit loan

In our ranking we will find three lenders who do not take into account data from BIK when assessing clients. Let’s characterize each of them briefly.



The Serratum Bank Group grants loans under several names. However, only the Serratum brand does not control the customer at BIK. By submitting an application for payday loans in this company, you can borrow $ 1,500 as a new customer with the option of repayment after a month or sixty days. With a two-month repayment option, there is an option to pay back the debt in installments. What’s more, regardless of which period you choose, both will be completely free. This means that when you borrow and pay money on time, you only pay back as much as you borrowed. You do not incur any interest or commission loan (compare with other commission-free loans).


Cheap Loan

Cheap Loan

You don’t have to be afraid of checking in BIK using the services of Hanny Credit. At this lender, you can borrow up to $ 4,000 for the first time! New customers can also take advantage of special loan terms, according to which the first loan up to $ 1,700 will be free for them. In order not to incur any borrowing costs, however, the payday loan must be paid back according to the deadline specified in the contract. Otherwise, in addition to the interest for the delay, the customer will also have to pay a commission appropriate to the amount borrowed.


White Plus loan

We can also count on a loan without BIK in White Plus loan. Contrary to the offers listed above, however, this brand does not have a free loan for new customers. Therefore, we will bear the costs of payday pay even when we borrow from this company for the first time. But we should not be afraid of the loan fees. Regardless of the amount borrowed, the first payday loan in White Plus loan will cost only $ 10.


If not BIK then what? What registers do lenders check?

If not BIK then what? What registers do lenders check?

The above loan companies are not looking for customer information at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK). This does not mean, however, that they do not control the borrower in any other way. Debtor’s data can also be sent to the Economic Information Bureau or the National Debt Register. And it is these registers that are usually analyzed by companies that do not check BIK. So if we want to increase our loan chances in these companies, let’s also check what other registers have to say about us.

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