What is the most important at the beginning of running a financial franchise facility? Why did Loan and Credit turn out to be the best choice? Why is diving so great? Tomasz Iwaszkiewicz, who runs the Loan and Credit branch in Bialystok, answers these and other questions in our short interview.

How did your adventure with the world of finance start? What have you done before and where did you work?

After studying law, I quickly got involved with the real estate and finance market. Since 2005, I have run a real estate agency in parallel and dealt with financial intermediation.

I liked the quality of customer service

We can provide thanks to the Finpack system. The key was the speed of matching the product to the borrower’s needs, because today is money. I was also interested in the opportunity to operate at the interface between the real estate and financial industries. Established position on the market thanks to Morizon.pl also helped me choose Loan and Credit.

What challenges does the beginning franchisee have to face at the beginning? How did you deal with these challenges?

Beginner franchisee starting cooperation with Loan and Credit receives guidelines for adjusting the office room in the form of a ready project. Everything is standardized. It is also important to get in touch with advisers in individual banks, it is very helpful in this type of business. I have such contacts due to my long experience in this industry. I also have my own premises, so the costs of running an office are lower.

What do you like most about your work?

I like contact with people, the opportunity to search for solutions for my clients, which, contrary to appearances, is not easy in today’s market, where something changes almost every day.

Do you find time for your hobby? What do you like doing?

Do you find time for your hobby? What do you like doing?

After work and in my free time I devote myself to, among others, my passion which has been diving for 30 years. I have been a diving instructor for 20 years and I run my own school. I also organize diving trips to the farthest corners of the world.

Thanks to this I get to know the culture of other nations, nature, customs and people, both natives and those who ride with me and ride very interesting people. I could write for a long time ?

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